Genoa (Genova in Italian) is a major historical port city. It is located in the Northern part of Italy and it is the capital of a region called Liguria. Moreover, it has been being a very important industrial centre since 1900. Visitors coming from all over the world love its well-preserved historical centre and its numerous, wonderful landmarks. The cliffs above the sea are among the most remarkable features of its panoramas. I fact, it is a typical hilly area by the Tyrrhenian Sea that seems to lap Genoa's shores, offering a view which cannot be found in any other area in Italy. Genova is also known as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus after whom the airport of the city has been named. "Cristoforo Colombo" airport is located 11km away from the city centre. A lot of flights land and take off at airport of Genoa from each part of Italy, daily connecting cities like Malpensa, Fiumicino and Linate with Genoa.

The fortification of the city, the house where Christopher Colombus was born (in Piazza Sante), the Old Harbor area, the Spianata Castelletto castle and the Aquarium are some of the most important attractions of Genoa. Moreover, the oldest lighthouse in Europe, called the Lanterna, can be seen in Genoa. The promenade Corso Italia is ideal for shopping thanks to its luxurious stores. There is also an area named Boccadasse which is known as the zone of the fishermen.

Even though it used to be a quite busy port as well as a cultural and commercial centre during the Renaissance, Genoa is today a romantic town that hosts an interesting Sea and Navigation Museum, the famous Piazza de Ferrari, the Palazzo San Giorgio where Marco Polo was imprisoned and the Palace of the Dodges, all a few meters away from the most important hotels in Genoa.

As a typical Italian destination, the city spoils the visitors thanks to the large choice of hotels and restaurants it offers them! Tasteful dishes and excellent wine are served at local restaurants. Genoa specialities are "pasta al pesto", the most famous type of pasta all over the world, Torta Pasqualina and, given that it is a port city, all restaurants offer various types of fresh fish like mullets, squids, anchovies, codfish and many more.

Most of the hotels in Genoa are located mainly in the city centre, near the Aquarium and the harbour. People who wish to visit this beautiful city in autumn, during the Internation Boat Show, are advised to book their accommodation long in advance because this is one of the most popular events in Italy and so thousands of visitors crowd in Genoa during that period.

All Genoa hotels reveal lovely interior areas tastefully decorated and beautifully arranged. Foreigners can find luxurious, mid range or budget hotels dependent on their needs and budget limit. Genoa hotels are suitable for any type of guest and locals welcome visitors in a really friendly way. As the city hosts people from all five continents, Genoa hotels have been carefully organized in order to correspond to as many traveler's requirements as possible, like a wide variety of amenities, extras and a reasonably estimated price.