Turin (Torino in Italian) is a big city located in Piedmont region in the northwest part of Italy. Geographically it is in a central location offering easy access to the Mediterranean Sea, the Principality of Monaco, Switzerland and France. It is inhabited by 900,000 people. Thanks to its rich cultural and historical background Turin is often one of the most popular travelers' destinations.

Turin has always been an industrial city since the appearance of the capitalism in Italy and the construction of the first factories in the beginning of the past century. Many important societies like Pirelli, Fiat and Olivetti were initially set up there. The international airport of Turin is Sandro Pertini.

In 2010, the city hosted the Holy Shroud Exposition which lasted 40 days. These days the city was visited by thousands of pilgrims coming from all over the world. In addition, the capital of Piedmont has been the seat of the International Book Fair for 25 years.

Visiting the city centre, one can see the castles and the churches of it. Most hotels in Turin are located near the most popular museums, coffee shops and stores. The major sights include: the Mole Antonelliana building which is the symbol of the city and was named after the architect Antonelli. Initially, it was supposed to be a synagogue but nowadays it includes the National Cinema Museum and a lift in order to come up to the topof it; the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist and the Egyptian Museum. The Egyptian Museum is said to be the earliest Egyptian collection hosted outside of Cairo. What is more, it is the unique collection dedicated exclusively to the art and the culture of this ancient population. One of the main attractions in the museum is the statue of Ramesses II who is depicted with the "Blue Crown" while he is grasping a scepter to his chest. Visitors can also see a real Egyptian temple offered to Italy by Egypt for having saved it from a lake immersion. The Palazzo Madama in Piazza Castello, the Quadrilatero Romano and its restaurants and the paved shopping area Via Garibaldi are also some of the worth seeing places of Turin . After a whole day of strolling around the city, one would have the chance to relax in Valentino Park at River Po Park.

If visitors wish to admire a real palace, they should not miss the Venaria Reale, which is one of the biggest residences of the Royal House of Savoy, included in UNESCO's Heritage List.

Turin hotels can be found near the most attractive monuments and castles in downtown. Indipendentevely of the length of the stay, tourists will be surprised by the quality of the hotels in Turin. Many often host celebrities, politicians and reporters; they have to offer high quality standards. Turin hotels are located close to the main landmarks of the city and the River Po that flows through it, offering visitors a glimpse of the Italian Alps which are usually snowy even during the summer and the spring.