Palermo is a very charming city in Italy and the capital of the biggest island located in the Mediterranean Sea called Sicily. Palermo has got 700,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north coast of Sicily and the warm water of the Tyrrhenian Sea lap it. The city is not a common tourist destination but it has many sightseeing areas for visitors.

The city of Palermo contains numerous prehistoric remains. It was founded by the Phoenicians (people from Libanon) and in the course of the centuries it was conquered by many civilizations like Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians coming from the Gulf of Tunis, Vandals (a German population), Byzantines from Constantinople, Spaniards, French and so on. Such a big number of invaders is due to the central position of Palermo in the Mediterranean Sea. Whoever invaded and conquered Palermo was able to control the Mediterranean Sea and most of the commercial activities around it.

Most Palermo hotels are set close to the main monuments, cultural and historical sights, churches and palaces. It is recommended to choose a hotel near the major touristic attractions as the city is very big and sometimes moving from one area to the other can be very difficult.

The highlight of Palermo attractions are: the Palazzo dei Normanni which represents one the most remarkable examples of Arabic art and now hosts the Cappella Palatina and the Sicilian Regional Assembly; the Cathedral which is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, was originally built as a mosque and represents the symbol of the city; the Quattro Canti crossroads near the Central Station, the Catacombs of the Capuchin convent and the Archeological Museum. If visitors stay in Palermo for a few days, they cannot miss the street markets (we recommend Ballarò and Vucciria); the Gesù Church; the Piazza Pretoria and its fountain, also called Square of the Shame; and the church dedicated to San Giovanni degli Eremiti. All these attractions are located in the city centre.

The international airport of Palermo is located 20 km away from the city and it is named as "Aeroporto Falcone-Borsellino". Palermo is connected with a lot of European countries with daily frequent flights and in many case there are also low cost flights.

In Palermo each tourist can find different types of accommodation which are can satisfy any taste or need. All hotels available in Palermo are well positioned in the city centre and guarantee a pleasant stay. They offer privacy, high-level services, impeccable sleeping and lounge areas. All Palermo hotels are located in downtown near the touristic attractions and the most elegant stores. Whether coming for a romantic holiday or a short business trip, guests will undoubtedly be safe and they will feel comfortable.

Tasting local cuisine is of course a very interesting experience! Specialties like cous cous (an African plate made with semolina and various types of fresh fish), pane and panelle ( sandwiches with chickpea flour), pastries made with almond paste and typical cakes like the Sette Veli containing seven layers of chocolate, are just a small sample of what they may deal with!.