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The Vatican City

The Vactican City, the world’s capital of Catholicism, is the world’s smallest state. It occupies 43 ha (106 acres) within high walls watched over by the Vatican guard. It was the site where St. Peter was martyred ( 64 AD) and buried, and it became the residence of the popes who succeeded him The papal palaces, next to the great basilica of St. Peter’s, are home to the Sistine Chapel and the eclectic collections of the Vatican Museums, as well as being residence of the pope. Neighboring Trastevere is quite different, a picturesque old quarter, whose inhabitants consider themselves to be the only true Romans. Sadly, the proletarian identity of the place is in danger of being destroyed by the proliferation of trendy restaurants, shops and clubs.

St. Peter’s

Catholicism’s most sacred shine, the sumptuous , marble caked basilica of St. Peter’s draws pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. It holds hundreds of precious works of art, some salvaged from the original 4th-century basilica built by Constantine, others commissioned from Renaissance and Baroque artists. The dominant tone is sent by Bernini, who created the baldacchino twisting up below Michelangelo’s huge dome.

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