Region of Basilicata

flag of Basilicata - italy

Remote and wild, Basilicata is one of the poorest regions in Italy. It is underdeveloped and under visited, and so remains unspoilt. Along with Sicily, Puglia and Calabria, Basilicata was part of Magna Grecia. Mostly upland country, Basilicata is scattered with Greek ruins (like those at Metapono) medieval abbeys, Norman castles (such as Mefi's) and isolated hill-towns.

Capital Potenza
Provinces Potenza
Municipalities 131
Area 9995 km2
Population (2004 est.) 596821
  Climate of Basilicata
Average monthly maximum temperature Average daily hours of sunshine Average monthly rainfall
9.5 to 18 6 hrs 70 mm
18.5 to 29.5 10 hrs 13mm
14 to 21.5 5 hrs 86 mm
6.5 to 13 4 hrs 90 mm
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