Football Teams from Italy

The Italian football season runs from September through to June. It culminates with the Coppa Italia final, which is equivalent to thr British FA Cup. Italy’s football obsession, however reaches fever pitch when the World Cup takes place every four years. The football teams listed below belong to the Serie A (for year 2005-2006), which is the top division of the Italian Football League, the highest football league in Italy. It started in 1929, with the structure it has today. If one would like to make a Top5 of Italian football teams according to how many times they have been champions then it would be like:

  1. Juventus - 28 times champion of Italy
  2. AC Milan - 17 times champion of Italy
  3. Inter(nazionale) - 13 times champion of Italy
  4. Genoa - 9 times champion of Italy
  5. Bologna, Pro Vercelli, Torino - 7 times champion of Italy

The Italian Football League always interests all football-lovers, no matter where they come from. But also Italian teams, which thanks to their success in european and international championships, have gained a lot of fans and supporters in other countries. We have tried to collect, as many of these information as possible, and we have created the list below with a photo and some information about each one. But we are also waiting for your help & ideas to enlarge our list and to make this website more informative. Click here to send us information about any team that you believe is not in our list and we will add it in our website.

Regions of Italy